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Carranya Current Tribal Membership Options

Select the one that works for you, contact us on for more information.

  • Basic Lore Principal

    • + Download 'The 6 Basic Lore Principals' PDF
    • + Receive our email updates, news and announcements
    • + More free PDFs and e-books to come!
  • Carranya Membership

    Valid for 2 years
    • Lore Courses
    • Community discussions
    • Events, both online and around a fire
    • All that is included in the Basic Membership




We are excited to invite all the men and women of this nation to join the Commonwealth of Carranya as we unite to safeguard the future for our children and those generations to come. 

Membership with Commonwealth of Carranya is $250 per year and includes:

  • Membership ID – a physical Tribal ID card with a memory jogger on the reverse providing key lore

  • Tribal Member Certificate – a full Certificate of Tribal Membership – keep a copy in your glovebox, handbag, etc.

  • Members Portal – including Lore classes, Court Templates, regular updates & blog, and a community forum

  • Access to Tribal Court support for Grievances and Equity Cases


We are working on a wealth of projects to support, nurture and enhance tribal community and individuals’ lives including project funding, healing/health, tribal loans and more. These will be rolled out during 2022 and beyond.




When you select this option you will receive the ‘6 Basic Tribal Lore Principles’ (PDF) emailed to you, as well as more free PDFs & e-books to come.

You will also be added to our newsletter mailing list, so you can stay connected with us and receive important updates.

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